About the Conference

The Conference of Condensed Matter Physics (CCMP) evolved from the annual conference series "International Conference on Condensed Matter Theory and Computational Materials," which began in 2002. In 2015, the Organizing Committee decided to expand the conference's scope and scale to reflect the latest developments in condensed matter physics by adding new sessions that cover a broader range of topics. Consequently, the conference was renamed the Conference of Condensed Matter Physics (CCMP).

CCMP now warmly welcomes foreign participants, particularly from other Asian countries and regions. The conference's objectives are to stay abreast of the rapid progress in condensed matter physics, encourage academic exchanges, facilitate interdisciplinary research, and enhance the global recognition of Chinese contributions to condensed matter physics and related fields.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Conference of Condensed Matter Physics 2023, Liyang, on August 6–11, 2023 at Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center.


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